Smart lock system for automated accommodation rentals

Keyless entry and seamless check-in for the guests.
Remote and staffless property rental for the owners.

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Smart Locks

Kuc-Kuc is an advanced smart lock device family for homes and hotels with the accompanying cloud software for automated accommodation renting. Smart locks are electronic locks installed on the doors, which can be operated through apps on users’ smartphones. Smart locks enable self-check-in, which means that guests can access the property using a time-limited digital key, sent to their mobile device by the property owner (or automatically by Kuc-Kuc system, upon the payment).

Renting out your property

Do you own a property (an apartment, a summer house, a cabin) which you rarely use? Do you find it difficult to rent because it’s far away, and you don’t have a trusted person to take care of that for you?

Kuc-Kuc enables remote and staffless property renting. It allows you to make money by renting your property with high level of security, full remote control, insight into property usage and housekeeping services.

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Urban environment

Smart lock family, including variations such as internal and external modules and handle. Apart from the Bluetooth and NB-IoT communication, it enables code scan, punch-in code and call the owner.

Remote (Rural) locations

Smart lock intended for remote places without constant supply of electric energy, without the internet access, or even GPRS signal. Built to operate under extreme conditions, such as high or low temperature, high humidity, no maintenance options.