Smart Locks

There are countless scenarios leading to problems with the access to a rented accommodation. Difficulties with fetching the key late at night, delayed flights, broken cars, renters living far away or being unable to get out of work – are just a few usual issues. Many hotels as well do not have reception desks that are open 24 hours.

Smart locks are electronic locks installed on the doors, which can be operated through various apps on users’ smartphones. The shift from traditional keys to smart locks is strongly driven by the major trends, including increase in security & privacy concerns, advancements in wireless communication technologies, last minute bookings, etc.

Smart locks enable self-check-in, which means that guests can access the property using a digital key, sent to their mobile device by the Kuc-Kuc system (or by the property owner manually). The lock is then opened using Bluetooth connection. It removes the hassle around collecting and returning the keys for both guests and hosts. In hotels it eliminates queues at the check desk and gives the guest instant access to his room and to other hotel amenities.

The web platform (mobile app) which controls the lock, enables the owners to give access to the property also to their family and friends, cleaning or repair technicians. The solution provides keyless entry and seamless check-in for the guests on one side, remote access management with the total control and usage insight over the property for the renters.

Our smart lock, with its highly reliable and secure access system, opens the door to remote and staffless property renting.

Easy to install – The smart lock is easy to install and set-up, requiring only a screwdriver and 15-20 minutes.

Highest security – all data exchange with smart locks is protected with advanced 256-bit encryption algorithms (higher than in online banking). The intelligent sensors on the inner side, where the smart lock is, are able to detect burglaries (lock drilling, door kicking, or any type of door opening without using the app or the key) and notify the owner or the police about it.

Full remote control for the owners – Remotely lock and control access to your door from your Android or iPhone. Give access to the property to your AirBnB guests, family and friends.

Automated rental process – no matter what time is, how far the owner is, or if the staff is available, the guests can access places equipped with our smart locks within minutes, immediately after the payment
has been processed.

Manage housekeeping services – easily arrange external services (cleaning, maintenance, repair, etc.) and manage workers’ access to the property.

Insights into usage – real time insights over the lock status and the property usage. Receive notification or email when your guest’s check-in or cleaner arrives. Sensors will let you know when the batteries need replacement (once a year at most) by sending you a reminder about it.

Offer flexibility and privacy to your guests – Any time check-in. No hassle of the keys exchange for both guests and hosts.

Guests can enter their accommodation even if their phone dies, if the power is out or if the internet is down. The lock is opened using mobile phone Bluetooth connection. They can unlock it using the punch-in code (models with the keyboard) or call the owner through the smart lock so the owner can unlock the door from a remote location. All smart locks can still be opened with a traditional key.


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